Tip of the Cap

It might be a bit late in the summer to be posting a graduation party idea, since school is starting up again, but this is an easy crowd pleaser to file away for the next time you have a special graduate in your life.

Graduation party hats

Graduation party hats

You’ll need the following:

Mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups – you can use either the conventional milk chocolate ones, which can be purchased in bulk, or the new dark chocolate ones, which seem to only come in small bags, at least in my area.  Both are delicious, of course.

Square chocolates or chocolate-covered mints – I could not find plain chocolate squares in the right size that did not have an emblem or imprint on them, so I used After Eight mints.  I found them at my local supermarket.

M&M’s – I recommend getting just a single color, if you have access to one of those M&M separate color dispensers.  In this case, I used dark blue because it coordinated with the colors of the university.

Thin licorice – I used Twizzlers Pull and Peel.  I found it helpful to peel all of the strands I needed and cut them before I started.  I used 1 ¼” strips, but the exact length you need will be determined by the size of the square chocolate/chocolate mint that you are using as a mortarboard.

Chocolate frosting – I used Duncan Hones chocolate frosting as a glue.  You need just a small amount to fuse the peanut butter cup and the chocolate square.  A small spreading knife works well to then add a drop of chocolate frosting to secure the M&M and Twizzler tassel.

I suggested that people separate the pieces before eating, because I thought the flavors would be strange together, but I saw several people just bite right in to these cute and easy graduation hats!


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