Need to Lock Your Ice Cream?

When I discovered that Ben & Jerry’s sells a pint lock for their iconic ice cream pints, I just had to buy one and test it out.  Finally, protection for

Here is my Chocolate Fudge Brownie Fro-Yo secured with the Ben & Jerry's Euphori-Lock.

Here is my Chocolate Fudge Brownie Fro-Yo secured with the Ben & Jerry’s Euphori-Lock.

my Peanut Butter Cup!  Assurance for my pint of Americone Dream! Confidence for my Cookie Dough!  Too often my ice cream or frozen yogurt (B&J’s Half Baked Frozen Yogurt is a revelation!) disappears, spoonful by spoonful, with me being none the wiser.  Then I go to have dessert and there is just a skimpy scoop left in the bottom of the container – if I’m lucky.  Other times the entire pint has disappeared (no names here – you know who you are!)

The pint lock came quickly in the mail.  It consists of two pieces of thick black plastic that fit together around the pint lid.  The lock has a preprogrammed 3-digit alphanumeric code.  It doesn’t seem like you can change your lock’s code, so you’d better write it down and keep it in a secure location, or your pint lock will be useless.  The last thing I want to do is lock myself out of my own ice cream!

You could defeat the lock by slashing the top or bottom of the container with a knife (it is only cardboard, after all) but, as a colleague pointed out, you would have to be pretty desperate.  I think the lock functions as a good deterrent.  It definitely sends the “hands off” message.  Of course, while Ben & Jerry’s sells the lock (and it is surprisingly inexpensive – only slightly more than the pint of ice cream itself) it would work on any brand of ice cream pint.

In short, I recommend the lock, especially if you live with roommates, or are otherwise not into sharing.  It would also make a great gift for Father’s Day or graduation.  As Ben & Jerry’s says on the lock packaging, “There is no ‘u’ in ‘my pint.’”


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