Farewell to Fresh Peaches

Photo from Wikipedia Commons. Author: Benutzer:Burgkirsch

With Labor Day having come and gone, it is now time to say goodbye to the delicious fresh peaches of summer. I always have a hard time with the end of peach season, since they are one of my favorite things to bake with. I’m also allergic to apples, so fall baking is a bit more difficult. Most of my fall baking features pumpkin, with an occasional pear dessert or two.
This summer brought a number of peach crisps. I found that peaches from certain areas along the East Coast were hit with an unfortunate hailstorm early on, and their flavor suffered. There were still great for baking though!
I did Peach Blackberry Crisp, Bourbon Peach Crisp, and some other desserts. I tried making crisp topping ahead of time and freezing it, which worked much better than I anticipated. The crisps didn’t hang around long enough to be photographed (or really, to be given to anyone!)
My local farmers market had the Encore variety of peach this past weekend, one of the final varieties (hence the name). I may be able to find a few more baking peaches over the next week or so, but then it is on to fall. Bring on the pumpkin!