The Amazing Blueberry Puffin Muffin (TM)

Part moist blueberry muffin, part flaky puff pastry – the Blueberry Puffin Muffin is an absolutely delicious breakfast treat.  The only place I know of where you can buy this muffin is the Lewes Bake Shoppe and Notting Hill Coffee Roastery in Lewes, Delaware.  They’ve trademarked this scrumptious muffin, which is drizzled with just a hint of glaze.

The duality of this muffin – pastry outside, muffin inside – means that there are as many ways to eat it as Oreos have.  My preferred method is to peel the puff pastry off carefully and eat it first, before the muffin.  My friends like to eat it all together, combining pastry and muffin in one bite.  You could also just pull the four pastry corners off and eat those first, thus making your puffin muffin round rather than square-ish.

I’ve noticed that the puff pastry seems to keep the muffin more moist than it would be otherwise.  Thus, the Puffin Muffin has a longer shelf life than you might expect, though they never last long around me!

So far, I haven’t found Puffin Muffins anywhere else – they are a special treat that I look forward to when vacationing at the Delaware beaches.  An Internet search shows a “puffin” to be more of a pancake/muffin hybrid.  I must admit that I’ve never tried to make these myself, since I am not a big fan of working with puff pastry.  I don’t think they’d taste as good as the Lewes Bake Shoppe can make them!

Have you seen a similar muffin anywhere else in your travels?  Or have you tried to make them?  If so, please leave me a comment.  I’d love to hear from other Puffin Muffin lovers out there!