My First Taste of Hummingbird Cake

I recently had the need to make a dessert that is specifically Southern.  I’ve always wanted to try Hummingbird Cake.  Initally published in Southern Living in February 1978, it is the magazine’s most-requested recipe.   There’s no consensus online about how the cake got its name, but it is likely something to do with hummingbirds liking sweet nectar.  Or maybe the woman who submitted the recipe, Mrs. L.H. Wiggins of Greensboro, North Carolina, just really liked hummingbirds.

Last year Southern Living published a Hummingbird Bundt Cake recipe, which is a bit less time-consuming than the layered version.  It can also be frozen ahead of time and just glazed when ready to serve.  Cooking Light has Hummingbird Mini Bundt Cakes, but I didn’t have a mini bundt pan handy.  The recipes for the full bundt cake and the mini bundts vary greatly, so I don’t think you can just pour the regular bundt batter in the mini bundt pan or vice versa.

Anyway, I made the regular-sized Bundt cake.  It is currently in the freezer, but a little taste revealed a complex banana bread flavor.  I think the banana overpowers the pineapple a bit, but the cake is really moist.  The pecan top looks pretty, and I’m sure the cake will look even nicer once it is glazed. Yum!


Oreo-Stuffed Valentine Kisses

Recipe courtesy of Bakerella.

I was intrigued to try this cute, no-bake recipe for a Valentine’s Day party.  It turned out to be easy, made a lot of kisses, and was quite popular.

I bought the family-size Oreo box since it was on sale, and was immediately confused about the number of Oreos I needed.  I ended up using 3 sleeves of Oreos minus 7 cookies.

As you mix the cream cheese and crushed Oreos in the mixer, it will become evident whether you need a few more cookie crumbs.  The consistency should be like Play-Doh.

My first few kisses came out a bit funny-shaped, but I eventually got the hang of it.

I definitely recommend putting some kisses in the freezer while you dip the others.  The ones that spend more time in the freezer will also dry faster once they’ve been dipped.  Just don’t let them freeze completely! 

I used a toothpick inserted in the bottom of the kiss to dip them in the chocolate coating.  After they were dry, I wrapped each one, tucking a little strip of paper in the wrapping.  I picked out paper at the craft store that I thought resembled Hershey Kiss paper – a bit thin, but not as thin as tissue paper.  It didn’t quite give me the effect I would have liked.

Don’t forget to dip the remaining Oreos in the remaining chocolate for some yummy chocolate-covered Oreos – keep those a secret for yourself!

Given how easy this recipe was, I may try experimenting with different Oreos, like mint or the golden vanilla ones.  You could also add peppermint extract or a bit of liqueur to the chocolate coating.  Ooh, possibilities!