Scoring a Dessert Touchdown for the Big Game

With Sunday’s big game rapidly approaching (Go Giants!), I am looking for a cute, football themed dessert to make.  Other than cupcakes with football liners and/or footballs on toothpicks stuck in the top, I am lacking ideas.  The ice cream shops always have a football-shaped ice cream cake, but I am not feeling inspired to “tackle” that.

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A brief Internet search shows lots of game day recipes for cookies, brownies, and bars.  Seems like “finger food” desserts are popular, which makes sense, especially for large groups.

I can’t think of any desserts that specifically tie into Boston or New York, other than cupcakes.  After all, the cupcake craze had its origins in NYC.

Of course, what do I look forward to on Super Bowl Sunday even more than football?  The Puppy Bowl!  Yet adorable pups running around in a play area that resembles a stadium hasn’t given me any great dessert ideas yet.

I’ll be sure to report back on whatever I end up making.  In the meantime, what desserts are you planning for Game Day?


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