Bakery review: Little Cupcake Bake Shop, SoHo, NYC

From time to time, will feature reviews of bakeries I’ve visited in my travels.  I go out of my way to find offbeat, funky, cozy, or just non-chain bakeries in the cities I visit. 

Little Cupcake Bake Shop definitely stood out to me.  It has a convenient corner location and appears charming and old-fashioned in a bustling city.  Women frost cakes (both 10” and cup) in the large front window.

Inside, the bakery is just as charming.  It has a black and white tile floor, coffee bar, and generous amount of seating.  Staff was friendly and willing to answer questions.

I was also happy to see that the bakery has a partnership with FEED and is giving back to charity through its cupcake sales.  Too few cupcake shops do so.

Which brings us to Little Cupcake’s one problem—the cupcakes.  The cake (yellow) was dry and the frosting (chocolate) stuck to the room of your mouth.  I’ve definitely had better cupcakes in New York.

What did excite my taste buds was the mini blueberry peach pie.  It did a great job of using seasonal ingredients and had a balanced flavor.  Best of all, it didn’t crush or melt in my travels around the city.

On the Sunday I visited, Little Cupcake set up an ice cream stand outside to attract passersby.

Advantages: Old-time bakery atmosphere, generous seating, coffee bar, charitable donations

Disadvantages:  Dry cupcakes

Overall Grade: A


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