Mix-ing It Up

I am not a fan of cake mixes.  If you are a fairly regular baker, you no doubt have the few dry ingredients needed on hand and can whip up a cake batter just as fast as Betty Crocker.  When I do use a mix and bring the cake somewhere, I never admit use of the mix.  After all, my mother raised me right.

However, every once in a while, a cake/muffin mix comes along that is so good and so simple, I just have to use it.  It becomes a staple on my pantry shelf next to the flour and sugar.

My new discovery is Duncan Hines 100% Whole Grain Chocolate Muffin Mix.  It is moist and sweet, but not too sweet.  The whole grain makes it seem healthy, so you can have more!  I love to spread peanut butter on a muffin.  I’ve also customized the mix by adding dried cherries.  White chocolate chips or nuts might also work.

The chocolate muffin works as a breakfast/brunch food, but is sweet enough to also be dessert.  It truly is an anytime snack.  It could be easily made into mini muffins.

The only downside to this muffin mix is its availability!  So far, the only supermarket chains I’ve seen carry it are Wegmans and Harris Teeter.

Duncan Hines also makes whole grain mixes in blueberry and cinnamon streusel, but I haven’t tried those yet.


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