Celebrating the Oscars… in Cupcake Form

A few weekends back, I embarked on a time-consuming, but ultimately successful baking project.  I wanted to create a dessert that was related to the Oscars, but the Internet had few good ideas.  Then I stumbled upon this recipe: I am a huge fan of the Toy Story series.  While I knew Toy Story 3 had no chance of winning Best Picture, I couldn’t help making a dessert to root for it.   Plus, Mr. Pricklepants, the classically-trained hedgehog voiced by Timothy Dalton, was just too cute to resist.

Here are some tips:

  1. I would suggest leaving plenty of time for decorating.  The hats proved to be the trickiest part, as the gumdrops did not want to stick to the candy melts.  I found that cutting off the round top of the gumdrop and using its own stickiness worked.  Keep a mug of hot water handy to dip your knife into–otherwise gumdrop bits will stick to the knife.
  2. I do not care for Nilla wafers.  I used Trader Joe’s Ultimate Vanilla Wafers.  See this recommendation.  Folks were asking for extra cookies.
  3. Normally, I am an advocate for baking with your kids, but this recipe is too tricky for little ones.

Look for more upcoming baking projects.  I may also dig through my archives and share some recipes from my pre-blogging days including  princess cakes, cupcakes for successful bar exam takers, birthday cookies, crisps, and more!



  1. Jennifer Gladsden says:

    To the most successful & sweet baker I know congrats on your new blog! What a treat to finally read the inner workings of your magnificient goodies that I have happily indulged in over the years! From your banana bread, to your ghost brownies to and my special princess birthday cake & cupcakes galore you are truly a baker extradiore! Happiest baking! Love you!

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